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As offices come back, ATMO launches air monitoring device claiming to give COVID-risk score – TechCrunch


Way back in 2015, we covered the launch of the Atmotube, a small, innovative, portable air quality monitor which went on to receive several awards after its CES debut.

Since rebranding as ATMO, the company, co-founded by Vera Kozyr, is launching the Atmocube, an indoor air quality monitoring system for businesses and enterprises. This new product is positioned far more for the post-COVID era, where air quality inside offices will be vital. This time, instead of being small and portable (although that earlier product is still sold), the Atmocube will be prominent and visible to give office workers peace of mind that their air quality is good.

The key to measuring CO2 levels, which the Atmocube displays on its screen and other metrics.


The device has 14 sensors measuring various environmental parameters such as CO2, formaldehyde, PM1 (tiny airborne particles), PM2.5, ozone, others, and other environmental parameters such as relative humidity and atmospheric temperature pressure, ambient noise, and light levels.

The company says this new device also calculates the Airborne Virus Transmission Score based on particulate matter, humidity, and CO2 levels. It comes up with a “score” that estimates the probability of transferring virus diseases in closed spaces. Obviously, that’s probably something that would need independent testing to verify. Still, it is the case that the WHO advises that COVID-19 can be transmitted in poorly ventilated and/or crowded indoor settings.

Kozyr said: “Air pollution is dangerous because it can affect you and your health even if you don’t notice it. We aim to help people know what they’re breathing and make changes as a result. As businesses return to the office, they need a tool to make indoor air quality transparent and accessible to their employees. Most air quality monitors are designed to be hidden away, so we set out to create a device with a more transparent interface that would highlight HVAC performance safety and create trust between occupants and building owners”.

ATMO is by no means the only player in the space, of course, as it’s joined by AirThings, Awair Omni, and Katerra.


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