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Best Practices for Making a Unique Photo Gift


You can’t go wrong with pictures made from text, as the message will make your partner feel special. The thoughts you put into this unique photo gift speaks a thousand words.

You can create your photo using words in seconds and acquire the best unique photo gift. These are gifts that only you can make, pictures of moments spent together, a few words that express everything.

While each of your creations is special by nature, there are extra thoughtful details that can add an extra layer of expression. For gifts that symbolize unique connections you share, try these ideas to make them more personal.

photo turned to words

1. Create A Dedication Page

When creating a photo book for someone, writing a brief dedication note toward the back or the front is a great idea. Note the occasion, show how grateful you are, and then wish the recipient a happy birthday. Remember, you can include anything that can assist in highlighting the intention of the gift. The personal touch is handy when duplicating a particular book to gift various individuals; it makes each copy unique to the recipient.

2. Write A Note on The Prints

The back, blank side of the photo print has so much potential. You can try to flip it around to write an accompanying note for every moment captured. You can include ideas such as writing a short poem, rehashing a good laugh, recalling a moment together, and sharing something that you love about them. Nothing will make the recipient happy more than every time they turn through the stack.

photo to text

3. Adding Special Dates to A Wall Calendar

Assist your gift recipient in not forgetting special dates using their Modern Wall Calendar by loading them initially into the provided key. During customization, including anniversaries, birthdays, graduation dates, and other known milestones and events to the top right corner of every month. Undoubtedly, your gift recipient will appreciate the thoughtful texts on the sheet as they move through the year.

4. Add Commentary and Captions

A photo can be worth hundreds of words; however, adding a caption and a little commentary can go a long way in making your unique photo gift recipient feel special when it comes to photo books. Record a silly joke, recall the occasion or even preserve a complete page of text to tell a tale. Captions have a way of assisting us in reviving the moments and will allow the recipient to spend some time on every page.

unique gift

5. Collect Notes from Contributors

If you are working on a photo book with a group of people, giving everyone a space to write a personal note of the recipient, similar to a guest book, well-wishes is a great idea. The recipient will enjoy reading short messages they love and care about as they flip through the pages.

6. Jumpstart Their Baby Book

The Story of Baby Books makes a great unique box, and this is its primary selling point; it doesn’t need any pre-purchase personalization. But if you want to give it a unique spin before gifting someone, include a handwritten note and tuck it away in the interior envelope. Everyone would enjoy reading a sweet little message inside from someone special.


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