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I took myself out on a date – and you should too


Sometimes you need to take yourself out on a date. That’s what I did recently to get out of the house and spark some joy in my life.

After a long work day (or week), it’s easy to fall into binge-watching a show or scrolling through TikTok for hours – and don’t get me wrong, sometimes you need those purely relaxing days. But other times, it feels good to get out and explore.

What I did for my little adventure was the perfect formula of food plus activity. I started off by trying out Instagram-famous Korean corn dogs in the city before heading to a museum.

Most museums in New York are still doing reserved time slots to keep numbers limited. They’re also enforcing other safety precautions like masks. Even though it wasn’t a totally pandemic-free date, it did feel normal!

I was able to see incredible art and enjoy a beautiful skyline view on the top floor of the building. Plus, the pre-museum corn dog was delicious.

Afterward, I treated myself to some sorbet before heading home. So for anyone looking to change things up, I highly recommend taking yourself out on a date.

Naomi Osaka sparked mental health discussions.

Naomi Osaka, one of the most prominent young stars in tennis, revealed she has been living with depression. Osaka announced last week she would not “do any press” during the French Open. She was fined $15,000, threatened with harsher penalties, and eventually withdrew from the tournament.

My colleague Alia E. Dastagir spoke to experts about Osaka’s decision to talk openly about her mental health and how she challenged her sport, the media, and the public to rethink what we demand of athletes.

“So much of the world has been set up that this is the way we do it, and this is the way we’ve always done it, and it’s going to work this way,” said Lynn Bufka, a senior director at the American Psychological Association.

“Anytime somebody questions it, whether it’s interviewing athletes if they win or lose, or always asking them questions even if they’re struggling … there’s a threat here that we may have to do things differently, even if in the end it might ultimately serve to be a better way.”


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