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Importance of Business Signage; is it effective?


Advertisements have various forms. We have experienced a strong transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing. And even when we assume that conventional marketing methods are not effective naymore; they still do boost your business in certain ways.

One such marketing element are platinum signs or business signages. According to different business studies and researches, it has been proven that a well-designed business signage can impact the sales directly. Moreover, if you ensure that the signage’s visibility is great and the design is attractive for the audience, you might easily improve your sales up to 10%.

These studies have certainly proven their point; business signage is effective. How? Let’s dig in a bit deeper.

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How can Business Signage be Effective:

Wondering how a well-designed signage might be effective? Allow us to unveil some basic reasons why it can be important for your business.

Magnetizing Customers:

Your business signage can attract new customers for you. This is especially true for small businesses or startups. Signs can directly send your potential clients to your location. If you want to go beyond the norms of a signage, you can further provide information regarding your business, in the sign. However, the placement of the sign matters a lot too. Make sure that it is on eye-level and can be noticed by people, even in a crowded location.

Build your Recognition:

Building brand recognition is a challenging task, given that the market is extremely competitive at the moment. Recognition is built when a specific set of people look at your signage and know about your brand. Just like McDonalds; we see the sign and recognise it as the brand has a strong recognition. This is where good signage plays a huge role. A well-designed and attractive signage can help you build awareness and recognition for your brand.


Signage can certainly be helpful but only if it is eye-catching. Thus, you need to think out of the box. Incorporate different colors and unique designs into it. The aesthetic appeal of your signage is extremely crucial to make sure that people are attracted towards it. Likewise, the readability of the sign matters a lot too. The font style and size must make it easier for people to read the sign from afar. You are conveying a message about your brand to the audience. If it doesn’t catch the eye; it won’t be effective.


Business signage has various benefits to offer. It can play a strong role in enhancing your brand’s recognition and attract new customers for you as well. However, in order to make all of this come true, you need to invest time and effort into designing a good sign for your business.

Hire a signage designer and have a look at what your competitors are upto, before you design yours. LED signs are trending a lot lately and we are seeing them quite often in the market too. Thus, design a signage that fits your business and looks great too.


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