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In growth marketing, creative is the critical X factor – TechCrunch


As we move toward a privacy-centric, less targeted future of growth marketing, the most significant lever will become creative on paid social channels such as the Facebooks of the world. The loss of attribution from our good friend iOS 14.5 has accelerated this trend, but media have increasingly focused on automating their ad platforms.

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Due to this, I believe that every growth marketing engine should have a proper creative testing framework in place — be it a seed-stage startup or a behemoth like Google.

After three years at Postmates, consulting for various startups, and most recently at Uber, I’ve seen the landscape of marketing change in many ways. However, what we’re seeing now is being orchestrated by factors out of our control, causing the dawn of shifts, unlike anything I’ve seen. Creativity has subsequently risen to become the most powerful lever in a paid social account.

The foundation

If you’re looking to leverage the power of creativity and succeed with paid social marketing, you’re thinking right. You need a creative testing framework: A structured and consistent way to test new creative assets.


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