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Sukhinder Singh Cassidy’s CEO journey – TechCrunch


After listening to others pitch me a few different job opportunities while still at Google in 2008, iI realized that I would make a better decision if I could fully explore the larger landscape of new companies emerging in Silicon Valley.

Sukhinder Singh

I had spent the last several years focusing on Google’s business outside the U.S., and I honestly felt out of touch with the startup world. Beyond my goal of becoming a CEO of my own company, I had two other ambitions: I wanted to help build an excellent consumer service that would delight people (potentially in e-commerce) and make further wealth for myself and my family.

To better evaluate my options, I decided to quit Google first and find a way to study the broader ecosystem of companies before choosing where to go. Resolved to give me a “blank slate” before making a final choice, I left Google when I was three months pregnant and joined Accel Partners, a top Silicon Valley venture capital firm and an investor in my previous startup, in a temporary role as CEO-in-residence.

In the months that followed, I helped Accel evaluate investment opportunities across a wide variety of digital sectors, with a particular focus on e-commerce, taking the opportunity to study those companies I might join or think of starting from scratch.

One of Accel’s key partners, Theresia Gouw, helped me brainstorm, joining my cadre of professional priests. We had known one another for over a decade (I initially met her as a young founder at Yodlee). We were at similar stages of our careers, so I knew she could identify personally with my career quandaries. Like me, Theresia was pregnant with her next child and at a similar life stage — yet another commonality.


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