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The Mistakes People Make On Staycations


Travel is picking up again after a long pandemic lull, but for people with serious financial or health concerns, taking a trip may not be feasible at the moment. Enter the staycation.

Staycations offer a healthy, affordable alternative to expensive vacations. They also provide the opportunity to explore your hometown outside the grind of your daily routine. But not everyone seizes this opportunity to the fullest. We asked travel experts to share some of the missteps they’ve seen people make on staycations.

From failing to unplug to losing out on local discounts, here are 11 mistakes people often make during staycations ― and some advice for avoiding these errors during your own “travels.”

Missing Out On Local Rates


“Don’t forget to ask about a local discount for hotels and attractions. Some hotels, spas, and attractions offer special rates for local travelers. When booking your hotel or experience, ask for a local discount.” ― Jessica van Dop DeJesus, travel media specialist and blogger at The Dining Traveler.

Not Unplugging From Your Regular Life

“In-town can be too close if you have trouble disconnecting from your life nearby. Sometimes the very energy suckers we’re taking a staycation to escape from work, family, or other obligations take our proximity as a sign that we’re available on an ‘as-needed basis. Don’t waste your staycation budget being frustrated ― set your boundaries by turning off email and pressing ‘ignore.’ Airplane mode is your friend!” ― Olivia Christine Perez, travel blogger at O. Christine.

“One mistake is not properly planning for work coverage since you’ll have computer access, so you never end up actually taking a break. Prepare your team in advance for you to be fully out of the office, then shut down your work computer and remove emails/Slack from your phone. You’re the only one who can do that for you, so take control over your time off and follow the guidelines you set.” ― Stephanie Huston, entrepreneur and travel blogger at Steph Explores the World.

Booking At The Last Minute

“Don’t think that because it’s a staycation, you shouldn’t book ahead. As travel resumes to pre-pandemic numbers, hotels and attractions are getting booked quickly, and hotel prices are at an all-time high. Make sure to make your reservations at least a month ahead.” ― van Dop DeJesus


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