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This will make you feel better instantly


It’s been another long, difficult week of sad news worldwide and growing worries about the pandemic.

In last weekend’s newsletter, I talked about the power of focusing on what you can control to help calm anxiety. But what if you’re looking to get a bit more of a boost? 

Writing to-do lists is a great way to feel in control and get organized, but taking that next step to actually cross something off the list feels even better.

So instead of just making a to-do list, I challenge you to do something – just one thing.

Starting is often the most challenging part, and a long list of errands and chores can feel overwhelming – trust me, I know. So instead of setting your expectation to get everything done in a day, just start small.

better instantly

That doctor’s appointment you’ve been meaning to schedule but have been putting off? Just get it done. In reality, it shouldn’t take that long, but you’ll feel so good for getting it off your mind.

Plus, getting just one thing done can help spark motivation for more. So, if you’re feeling up to it, keep the momentum going!

Whether you get your whole to-do list done this weekend or just cross off one thing, be proud of that accomplishment! And hopefully, this strategy can help anyone who is also struggling to find the energy and focus on getting things done.


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