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What To Do If A New Travel Ban Affects Your Upcoming Trip


Travel can be very unpredictable in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic. As vaccination rates rose and cases fell in the spring and summer, many popular destinations opened up to U.S. visitors, and people started booking their long-awaited vacations accordingly. But with increased hospitalizations and rising concerns about variants in recent months, many of those same destinations have imposed new restrictions on nonessential travel from the States.

While this is disappointing for would-be travelers, it’s particularly upsetting for those who had already booked their dream trips to these places and now find themselves unsure how to proceed. But the good news is, they have options.

HuffPost asked experts what travelers should do if new restrictions in a particular tourist destination affect their upcoming travel plans. Below, read their recommendations for steps to take if you find yourself in this situation.

Upcoming Trip

Do thorough research.

Before you take any action, make sure you fully understand the new restrictions and what they mean for U.S. travelers.

“If you’ve planned a trip to a destination and you see a headline announcing a change, there are a couple things you should do,” Willis Orlando, member operations specialist at Scott’s Cheap Flights, told HuffPost. “First, be thorough. Be sure to check official government sources as news headlines have tended to oversimplify or exaggerate restrictions.”

Orlando advised consulting the U.S. Embassy’s website for your given destination to get complete, up-to-date information. You may find that your trip is still feasible with the proper advance preparation.


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